EAPM European Association for people management


The European Association for People Management (EAPM) was founded in 1962. The Association forms an umbrella body of national organisations which represent HR professionals. It is purely professional and specialist in nature. It is an experience exchange organisation without profit-related objectives. It is independent of all employers, trade union, state or political bodies.


Welcome address to the Delegates' Assembly on September 14, 2018 in Lucerne/Switzerland:



The EAPM seeks to promote HR across Europe and pursues the following core objectives:

  • To promote and develop knowledge of human resource issues and activities through the EAPM newsletter, its website and international networking activities
  • To provide encouragement and support to organizational development of national HR associations in European countries
  • To facilitate contacts, association links, information sharing and networking events among its member organisations
  • To establish, develop and maintain links and partnerships with other national and international organisations active in the same or similar fields
  • To undertake or promote research and other projects at the European or international level
  • To support national member associations in organising conferences and congresses with European outreach.

The EAPM-website shares news, details of upcoming events and calendar dates, and information from the member organisations.


EAPM Newsletter

The EAPM Newsletter is a bi-annual update of what is happening in member countries around Europe.


The EAPM Board and Delegates at the Delegates' Assembly in Paris 2017