"The requalification of the professionals is still our main challenge"

The World HR Congress (WHRC) will take place from 6 to 8 July 2020 in Colombo, Sri Lanka. spoke to Leyla Nascimento, President of WFPMA, about content and current challenges for HR.
27. March 2020 - Interview: Massimo Carluccio, Board of Directors HR Swiss

HR Swiss: What are your expectations for the World HR Congress in Colombo?

Leyla Nascimento: With the theme "Exalting People Professionals: Explore, Expand and Excel" the congress will present in a global way the trends in people management in the face of scenarios that show us how important and necessary is the mission of promoting the best quality of life, of business sustainability and a society for growing.


HR Swiss: How does the World HR Congress address the current issues in HR and in companies?

Leyla Nascimento: I believe that the requalification of the professionals is still our main challenge. The professions and skills needed in this current moment, to follow the new management models, processes and systems are urgencies. The technology has been demanding news ways of the business. I strongly believe in the growth of partnerships between companies and universities.

The attraction and development of talents will still be a topic of care and attention in the areas of human resources. We cannot fail to highlight the management of the generations, since the active population tends to grow as the consequence of the longevity of people and it´s possible to have more time of the professionals in the companies.

Moreover it’s a question, how much the human resources leaders could be contribute for the themes of global sustainability. We are responsible in the companies for the quality of life of the workers, the development of the leaders, of the diversity programs, environmental and social responsibility.


HR Swiss: Which role can HR play in the digital transformation?

Leyla Nascimento: The digital revolution has demanded a leadership role in promoting humanization in the corporate world and an expansion of our gaze on the world. Emotion and logic are the basis of people's interaction with Artificial intelligence so present nowadays.

Artificial intelligence brings the necessity for quality of the results, but with the speed, that companies need. Decision-making by leaders requires an analysis from what artificial intelligence provides as data and indicators. People Analytics is a good example of this transformation.


HR Swiss: What goals do you set yourself for the Congress?

Leyla Nascimento: For the WFPMA the realization of the World Congress is also the opportunity to bring together the continental federations and the national associations of 93 countries.


HR Swiss: What are the challenges as President of WPMA?

Leyla Nascimento: My challenge is the same as that of the Board members. Our members are Presidents and representatives of the Continental Federations (Europe, Asia Pacific, Africa, North America and Latin America). We work to consolidate our Federation in its institutional relations; expand our performance to have other members countries; to give support to Continental and National Associations in the production of research and in the generation of knowledge that accompany the business scenarios and the urgency of the qualification of professionals to all demands of the current world.

As WFPMA we have the challenge of expanding the Federation's influence in organizations that work in areas of knowledge of human resources professionals. With the constant changes of scenarios, I think it is vital the Federation to be recognized for the importance of the mission that its affiliates have in the transformation of better corporate environments, promoting the quality of work and, thus, in the professional´s quality of life.

Within this challenge, we attended last year as an Observer member of the ILO, participating in the debates and giving the voice of human resources professional in the important organization that deals with the quality of work.



The Person

Leyla Nascimento, President of WFPMA, is Brazilian. She was born Rio de Janeiro City. Leyla is currently partner and CEO of Grupo Capacitare. The Group's mission is to contribute to largest companies in Brazil and their human resources areas: recruitment, selection, training of professionals and the internship and trainee programs. It´s a company that has been operating for over 13 years in the market throughout Brazil.

Leyla was graduated at Pedagogy by the State University of Rio de Janeiro, post-graduated at Education and Human Resources Development by the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro and master in Executive Management by Getulio Vargas Foundation. Her professional experience has more than 35 years in Human Resources management and especially in programs aimed at new generations of talent in companies.

In 2018, Leyla has been nominated as President of WFPMA – World Federation of People Management Associations.

Leyla Nascimento was also President of FIDAGH – Interamerican Federation of Human Resources Associations and is currently a member of the Advisory Board.

Leyla was furthermore President of ABRH Brazil – Brazilian Associations of Human Resources and actually VP International Relations.

Leyla is mother of two children and grandmother of two granddaughters. She works in various voluntary projects and among them in entities focused at social responsibility.



WFPMA – World Federation of People Management Associations

The WFPMA comprises five Continental Federations (Europe, Asia Pacific, North America, Africa and Latin America) and National Human Resources Associations from 93 countries. It has a coverage of more than 700 thousand Human Resources professionals worldwide.

Since 2018 Leyla Nascimento is president of WFPMA.



World HR Congress (WHRC)

The Chartered Institute of Personnel Management (CIPM) in collaboration with the World Federation of People Management Associations (WFPMA) presents the world’s most premier people event, the World HR Congress (WHRC) on July 6-8, 2020 in Colombo, Sri Lanka.

The congress revolves around the topic “Exalting People Professionals: Explore, Expand and Excel”. It will deliberate on digitalization, disruption, diversity and diligence with regard to the distinct dimensions of human resource management (HRM).

The WHRC has been held since 1986 in seventeen different countries and the next venue is Sri Lanka. The WHRC enables people professionals to build a global community of peers, to discuss new developments in HRM, and to network with colleagues from around the world who face similar complex challenges in HRM. For the first time, it comes to South Asia.

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